Designated Parking

Campus parking lots are permit parking only, and stalls are marked with freestanding signs, and/or pavement and sidewalk striping. White-marked stalls indicate Student, plus Faculty/Staff and Visitor overflow, parking. Yellow-marked stalls are clearly marked for Faculty/Staff or Visitors, and many have a stripe at the top of the stall – meaning that an individual would be required to driver over the line in order to enter that particular space. All vehicles must have the permit that corresponds with the stall it is parked in.

Student/General Parking: Stalls are located throughout campus that are available to students, faculty, and staff. They are the bulk of every parking lot and are designated by white pavement striping.

Faculty & Staff: There are reserved parking stalls marked for faculty and staff, usually located at the top of most parking lots.

Visitors: Visitor spaces are located throughout campus for guests to park in for free. Special day-passes for one-time borrowed vehicles and one-time guest passes are available at the Cashier’s Office upon request. Vehicle license plate number required. 

CAUTION: Visitor-marked stalls are for visitors only, and not for Faculty, Staff, or Students.

Handicap Parking: Stalls are marked by the typical federal insignia. The vehicle must have a state-issued handicap plate, hang tag, or placard, and these work as a parking permit in all campus lots; i.e. a DSU issued parking permit is not required.

CAUTION: There are citizens groups who have been authorized by St. George PD to drive through parking lots and check these reserved areas, and they have been authorized to issue citations and they carry a $160 ADA fine. There is no valid appeal for parking in a handicap stall without a valid handicap insignia clearly visible on the vehicle.

Motorcycle: Motorcycle spaces are located throughout campus that do not currently require a permit.

CAUTION: Parking a motorcycle in reserved spots requires the corresponding permit. If parked in non-parking zones and/or in violation of other rules and regulations, the motorcycle will be cited.

Other Reserved Areas: Fire lanes, drive lanes (individually marked or not), sidewalks and sidewalk access ramps. Each of these areas carries separate fines for violations and are patrolled all hours.

CAUTION: Citations may be issued for driving or parking on a sidewalk or lawn or outside of a stall. The only time an appeal for “loading or unloading” will be considered is if the individual can show a valid need to park in a particular area to load, and show they left their emergency flashers on for the duration.