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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to have parking permits?

It helps us to distinguish between Faculty and Staff, Students, and Visitors. Permits in the window allow us to enforce the reserved areas and keep them open for those who need them. They also allow us to identify individual vehicles for the purpose of providing security to those on campus at any given moment; as well as to provide courtesy services, (such as the need to notify those who may accidentally leave their lights on; to notify owners of vehicles who may have rolled out of a parking stall.). After printing and shipping, all revenue from the cost of the permit is used to augment the cost of maintenance, control, and enforcement of parking rules (53B-3-110).

What happens if I get a ticket and don't pay it?

Each citation is entered into a computer database that tracks them and from that point they don't just go away. If a citation is not cleared by payment or appeal within 10 calendar days of issue a $20 late fee will automatically be attached. If the citation is not cleared within 14 days of the end of a semester they go to a delinquent fines list. Any further registration attempts by the student will be blocked and transcripts will be held in suspension until all fines are paid in full. In the case that the owner/driver of a vehicle is not a student the citation may eventually reissue as a St. George PD citation and go to a collection agency. Word of advice; do not let a parking or traffic citation go unanswered. The later the consequence is far greater than the initial sanction.

How do I appeal a ticket?

Please click here to appeal a ticket.

How do I buy a parking permit and/or pay for a ticket?

Please click here to buy a parking permit and/or pay for a ticket. Permits can be purchased and tickets paid at the Cashier's Office in Holland Centennial Commons - first floor (cash or check only).