Parking Permits

FALL 2019 – SUMMER 2020 (8/19/2019 – 8/16/2020)

Purchasing a Permit

Parking permits can be purchased online or at the Cashier’s Office (cash or check only), located in Holland Centennial Commons – first floor, beginning July 1, 2019. For those who wish to have their permit mailed instead of pick up, we will offer a mailing option from July 1 – July 31, 2019. All parking permits purchased on or after August 1st must be picked up at the Cashier’s Office with proof of receipt.


  • vehicle license plate number(s)*, make, model, and color
  • Dixie ID number (students/faculty/staff)

NOTE: A permit will not be issued until all required items are submitted.

*For new vehicles – input the temporary license tag number, and contact Parking Management by submitting the Parking Permit Update Form to update your account with license plate number when plates arrive.

*Two (2) license plate numbers registered to the same owner may be linked to one permit, and one (1) hang tag will be provided to alternate between the two vehicles. This allows only one vehicle to be parked on campus at any given time, and the same vehicle may not be assigned to more than one permit at a time.

CAUTION: Unauthorized sharing of the permit will result in citing the vehicle, and such a case will be no defense upon appeal.


Students residing off-campus, including off-campus housing.

Student parking stalls are marked with white pavement striping.

+tax & fee


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Faculty & Staff

Faculty/Staff reserved parking stalls are marked with yellow pavement striping and many have a word stripe at the top of the stall.

White-marked stalls are general overflow.

+tax & fee

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Student Housing

On-campus student housing residents living in Campus View Suites, Nisson Towers, Shiloh Hall, Abby Apartments, Chancellor Apartments, Dixie View Apartments, or Morgan Apartments

The Student portion allows for parking in any white-marked (student/general) stall in all lots, and the Housing portion allows for overnight parking in designated housing parking lots only.

+tax & fee

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Economy lots only

Economy lots are marked orange on the parking map.

+tax & fee


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Permit Placement

Hang tag from the rear view mirror with the permit number facing out toward the front windshield.

NOTE: Failure to display the permit properly will result in citing the vehicle. Such a case will be no defense upon appeal. There are two (2) violations that appear on a citation related to this issue: Failure to Display Permit Properly, and No Parking Permit.

Update Vehicle Information

Purchased a new vehicle and/or no longer using a vehicle associated with your permit? Submit a Parking Permit Update Form. Upon approval, you will be notified via email your account has been updated.

NOTE: Second vehicles must be registered to the same owner.


Why do I have to have a parking permit?

It helps us to distinguish between faculty and staff, students, and visitors, and allows us to enforce the reserved areas and keep them open for those who need them. The permits also allow us to identify individual vehicles for the purpose of providing security to those on campus at any given moment, as well as to provide courtesy services (to notify; those who may accidentally leave their lights on, owners of vehicles who may have rolled out of a parking stall, etc). After printing and shipping, all revenue from the cost of the permit is used to augment the cost of maintenance, control, and enforcement of parking rules and regulations (53B-3-110).